For the last eight years, Remy has been trying to live an adventure anywhere but in her small town. When life proves to be more than she can handle, Remy returns to the hometown she thought she had escaped. While she balances a family who is hell-bent on planning her life and a delicate relationship with her best friend, Remy is pulled in two directions. Will her dreams finally die out as she settles into small-town life or will she run away on a new adventure again and risk losing everything?

Haellen, the shadowed assassin of Napiron, has killed the rebel leader. But when a small band fights back, Haellen must trade stealth and infiltration to defend and protect the High Priestess. As the new rebel leader, Cyrox, comes to avenge his lover’s death, Haellen is forced to question her duty to the High Priestess and Napiron.

The blank canvas is mocking Kira. She hasn’t been able to paint for months and she’s on the verge of giving up. But when her old crush returns to Rocky Crest, she can’t let herself get caught up in the boy that had once been her muse. What would the rich boy want with a failed artist? 

Noah returns to his hometown of Rocky Crest after his parents plan to sell their mansion on the hill. When he runs into the artist who taught him how to love, he can’t help but find himself falling for her again. But she was just out for his connections to the art world. Why would she care about the man who used her to impress a different girl? 

The Masterpiece is a beautiful short story about second chance romances between two people who were never supposed to cross paths.

Best friends Ruby and Wyatt seem to always be on the losing end of relationships. When Wyatt makes the choice to get stuck in a snowstorm with Ruby instead of his girlfriend, they come face to face with the relationship they weren’t sure was there. Will they risk it all to be together or decide it isn’t worth it?

Asher has crushed hard on his best friend’s sister, Raelynn, but that has been off-limits… until the media confuses them for an engaged couple. When Case plays along to get a business deal, Asher and Rae can play the ‘fake’ engaged couple because they can finally test out the relationship that was strictly forbidden. With an expiration date on their deal, will they find a way to make it work or be forced to go their separate ways?

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