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Kindle Vella launches with The Curse of Broken Shadows

Alright, it’s a tentative title right now, but I’m excited to announce my brand new epic fantasy series: The Curse of Broken Shadows!

If you’ve been following along on social media, you might have seen a few teasers and the cover for this story. You might have even read the first two chapters and met three of the five main characters. I’m 140K words into this story and getting closer to the end every day!

So, why am I announcing this project before it’s officially completed?

Because it’s being published as a serial!

You see, Amazon has just announced Kindle Vella, a new reading platform for serialized stories. They’ve been teasing this launch for several months now… and we finally have it! The first three episodes are FREE for all readers, and if you’re curious about some of the extra details (how to access more episodes via coins, voting for your favorite stories, and more), check out this link.

I’ve already posted 13 episodes and I have PLENTY more in queue for you to read EVERY FRIDAY. That’s right. Every week until the book is complete, you’ll be able to read the next exciting chapter!

As a bonus, you can interact with this story… and me! I’ve launched a Discord server to chat about this book. You’ll get WIP snippets, bonus artwork, and chat with me (and others) about certain episodes. I’ll even post polls and ask for feedback – you might be able to name characters, locations, and more! You can already find the map and character art in specific channels, so feel free to hop in there now and get all the updates!

Well, why not get you excited again with the details for this epic fantasy?

Hunted to huntress.

Shadow magic has been wiped from existence. Those who honor the shadow god’s monument are hunted for their artifacts, including the Veil shards that break off the wall in Valisea.

Brela vows to steal it all back.

When Brela discovers the artifact she’s stolen is the most valuable weapon in Valisea history, and one that changes her life, the huntress once again becomes the hunted.

But the assassin has a secret. If anyone were to discover the Veil shard embedded in her skin, or that the artifact has infected her with shadow-cursed magic, she’d suffer a worse fate than her people.

With the Veil wall breaking and tension growing in the remaining kingdoms, Brela’s secrets might not be enough to protect the weapon of her people.

To survive, she may have to work with the one man who could burn her.

People are already loving TCOBS – it’s been the top favorited in fantasy, epic fantasy, dark fantasy, sword and sorcery, and enemies to lovers stories, plus it’s broken the top 10 of all Kindle Vella stories since launch!

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